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Below are some of my favorite resources for rural women and their families. You will even find  merchandise from our farm business, PF Beef Co.

Some of these are affiliate links, so I receive a small commission if you purchase through one of the links. There is no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business. 

Rosebuds Tees

The BEST rural graphic tees!
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Farm Wife Favorites

Tried and true products that make life easier as a busy woman on the farm.

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PF Beef Co.

Minnesota Raised Beef 

PF Beef Co. Website

PF Beef Co.

Farm Merchandise

PF Beef Co. Website

Farm Family Favorites

Our go-to products to make life on the farm just a bit easier.

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Wag Bar

Shelf stable Wagyu beef!
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Wag Bar Website

Farm Kid Favorites

Our kids favorites toys, activities, and gear.

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Parenting Littles

Favorites to help you through the years of littles.

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Early Childhood Books

Books for our littlest learners.

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Early Elementary 

Books for grades K-3

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Upper Elementary

Books for grades 4-6

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Agriculture Books

Agriculture children’s books

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Organization Favorites

Attempting to be better at this every day.

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Emily’s Favorite Books 

Reading keeps me off my phone. And it is fun.

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At Home Learning

Toys and activities to promote learning within the home.

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Farm Safety for Kids

Keep our most precious investments safe.

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