I’m Emily.

Minnesota Farmer, Farm Wife, and Mother

We grow corn, soybeans, kids, and cattle on our sixth generation family farm in southern Minnesota. In 2021 I traded in my elementary classroom for the farm and I haven’t looked back since.

My mission is to bring together a community of rural women who are passionate about deepening their understanding of the agriculture lifestyle. Whether you grew up in agriculture, married into it, or simply have a passion to learn, you are welcome here.

Stepping away from my career in education was one of the hardest, while simultaneously one of the most freeing things I have ever done.

I loved my job, but my family and our farm had to start coming first. While taking the leap was a big and scary decision, once I had finally stepped away after the last day of school, I realized I was right where I needed to be. Since then, I have been navigating this ‘new’ life I am living; each day fine tuning what my new roles are. No two days are the same on the farm. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the variety. Every day I find myself in the midst of different tasks. Whether it is learning how to manage record keeping, learning how to drive a tractor, making meals, sharing on social media, organizing family logistics, or anything in between. 

Upon deciding to make a change to my career and lifestyle, I found myself feeling guilty. Guilty because it felt as if I was letting go of my lifelong dream and the years of education I navigated to get to my classroom. I have my Bachelors in Elementary Education and my Masters in Teaching and Learning. Even though I am not in a traditional classroom anymore, I have discovered I am able to use my education and talents as a teacher to educate an entirely different group of students. My hope is that you glean an understanding for not only modern day farming practices, but the heart, soul, and passion behind the American farm family. 

On our farm you will find Ryan and I working together with our three young children by our sides. During the planting and harvest seasons, we have three seasonal employees who dedicate their time to help us. Passion is at the heart of everything we do on our farm. Our family is deeply rooted in the land and the community in which we farm. Ryan and I are the fifth generation, and our children the sixth. The roots in which our farm has grown on have fostered a passion for soil health, forward thinking, as well as ongoing learning and education.

On our farm.

We believe that healthy crops start with healthy soil. Various methods of conservation tillage have been implemented on our farm since the early 1990’s. In 2009 we transitioned fully to conservation strip-tillage. In addition to obsessing about the soil and growing row crops, we raise cattle for direct to consumer beef sales.

Our direct to consumer beef business has been a growing passion since we started in 2016. With an ever increasing customer base, we have recently decided to add smaller beef bundles for sale directly from our farm, because not everyone has the need or space for a complete share of beef. This is a project I have taken under my wing, and I have really enjoyed the challenge it provides me. 

Farming hasn’t always come naturally to me, and to be honest many days I still struggle. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but each day I open up my mind and my heart to this life and choose to deepen my understanding. I have discovered great joy in sharing my journey and our modern day life on the farm with my online communities. Thank you for being here to learn alongside me.

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