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Two years ago I booked my color analysis with House of Colour USA. I had been learning a lot about the company and the process over on Instagram and I was intrigued. House of Colour is a UK based company that specializes in using a scientific approach to helping clients find their best color and style to compliment their natural beauty. Before we get too far into this, I want to disclose that I am in no way compensated for my words. The following is a reflection of my opinion and experience with House of Colour and does not reflect that of anyone else.

The only difference between these two photos is that on the right side I am wearing lipstick and my WOW colors. Life changing!

My why…

At a time when I was struggling with my body and navigating some sticky mental health issues,  I was curious about how the process might help me feel more confident in my skin. After three pregnancies in six years, three years of nursing those babies in-between, postpartum anxiety AND navigating a year of immense grief after losing Ryan’s dad…I was hanging on to the threads that remained of ‘old Emily’ for dear life. My closet was a hot mess, to say the least, yet I still wore the same 5 outfits on repeat. 

It was December of 2021 and I finally found the courage to research some consultants with House of Colour near me. Living in rural Minnesota, my options were to drive to a different state or drive to the Twin Cities/Metro area. I booked my Colour Analysis with Rachael who is with House of Colour-Lake Minnetonka. Turns out it was only about a 45 minute drive for me, not bad at all! I expected to travel farther.

The day of my color analysis…

I went to my appointment alone, by choice. As much as I love deep friendships and companionships, I am an introvert at heart. It does not bother me to go places alone where I can focus on myself and my own thoughts. All color analysis appointments have to be done in-person, however I later completed the style analysis (more on that later) with Kylie and that was done virtually.

I arrived at the appointment with no make-up, eager to learn more about the process. Based on my super professional Instagram research, I was thinking that I would be a Summer. However, my hopes were that I was an Autumn because that is what most of my wardrobe at the time was. Think trendy army greens, mustard yellow, earth tones. I was wrong on both accounts.

The analysis is a one time appointment. I was with my consultant for about 90 minutes from start to finish-if my memory is correct. I first spent time learning about the science behind the process and the color wheel. We explored warm versus cool seasons and I discovered what jewelry tones looked the best with each. Things my mind never even considered prior to, now I can’t unsee.

Finally it was time to determine what my season was. The first thing to identify was if I was warm or cool. After learning I was warm (yellow undertones) she then had to determine if I was autumn or spring. Seeing how my eyes lit up and the color of my overall complexion when comparing spring drapes versus autumn drapes on me was SO fascinating. I was very surprised to learn that I am a SPRING.

Spring life, best life.

After determining my season, we then explored what my ‘wow’ colors were. Yes, the spring color palette (36 colors) was for me, but what specific colors really stand out? Think of those favorite clothing items that just make you go, “DANG, I look good.” I learned that wow colors are super helpful when selecting investment pieces, items you will wear a LOT (think winter coat), or when finding an outfit for a special event. Below are my WOW colors.

Up front, a colour analysis appointment may feel like a large investment. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much money this would save me moving forward. The ROI is very obvious once you start to lean into it.

Let’s break it down…

Have you ever bought clothing that looked cute only to never wear it because you just didn’t love it? Or on the flip side, the top that you wear that brings in multiple compliments every time you put it on? My closet was filled with clothes that were not my season. They literally drained the color out of my already very tired face-the face that was probably also wearing the wrong shades of make-up. After my color analysis, I was equipped with the knowledge and tools to shop for the best colors for clothing, make-up, and jewelry to bring out my natural features and beauty!

No longer was I impulse buying something just because it was cute. If it did not check my color boxes or fit my words (light, bright, warm, clear) I would not buy it. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I knew that no matter how much I liked it, it wasn’t going to be something I would gravitate towards wearing. Knowing my best colors did not scare me away from wearing things that I already owned that weren’t in my season, BUT instead I got intentional about how I added new items to my wardrobe.

Immediately after my color analysis I was very overwhelmed. I wanted to buy all.of.the.things. My husband was wondering what kind of kool-aid I drank. While I did add a few items to my wardrobe almost immediately, one of the most impactful things I did was sort my closet. I overhauled how I organized my clothing in a way that made sense to my spring color fan and also to honor what I already owned and loved. I sorted my clothing into two categories: spring and not spring. This made it easier for me to learn which colors I gravitated towards with the new information I was equipped with. Spoiler alert: it was the spring colors. 

Since then, I have been on a mission to build a wardrobe that works for me and compliments my lifestyle. I’ve given myself permission to lean into quality over quantity because I know it will get worn, especially when it comes to pieces I wear daily (think leggings/joggers/jeans). What still fascinates me over two years later is that many of the spring colors are colors that I gravitated toward as a child and teen, but then somehow I got lost in a sea of mustard, army green, and black. It has been such a game changer to have ‘permission’ to wear the bright and warm colors that compliment my natural beauty the best. 

Investing in my color analysis was well worth it.

Not only have I become more aware of how different colors work on my body and highlight my features, I also have grown leaps and bounds in my self-confidence. As a busy mom and business owner, putting together outfits that make me feel good and look good has never been easier. Finally, becoming a more responsible consumer has been one of the greatest takeaways. I would highly recommend a color analysis with House of Colour to everyone! Have you had your colors done? If so, what season are you? Share in the comments!


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